Sheik Rana

I am an artist, a lyricist and a writer. All I dream are words, and I set them free on pages.

Sheik Rana is one of the prominent lyricists in Bengali language. He is the lyricist of the widely popular theme song of ICC World Cup 2011 ‘mar ghuriye’ , he has also written the lyrics for more than a hundred popular Bengali songs that include pori -az tomar mon kharap meye, bristi pore and tumi hobe buri (artist: Bappa Mazumder) and phire pete chai (band: dalchut). He has worked with many prominent artists of Bangladesh which include Azam Khan, Partha Barua and many more.

Sheik Rana is a well-known author and has published six widely selling books in Bengali. His first book az tomar mon kharap meye was first published in 2011 and is a unique combination of his lyrics and stories behind writing those. He gradually widened the horizon of his writing at other branches of literature and has recently published a travelogue rul tana khata and a journal of day-to-day urban life tukro nagorik journal.

Sheik Rana’s own band ‘Nostalgic’ created songs that captured the stories of urban life in the self-titled debut album launched in 2014. He just released a new song named Dondomukhor.  

At this stage of his life, Sheik Rana is residing in Cardiff and continuing working on new songs and books.