Sheik Rana

Sheik Rana, a writer and songwriter, has spent his childhood amidst nature in the High Court premises located in the centre of Dhaka. He studied engineering but left before completion to chase his dream of being a songwriter. His first written song has got its tune and music from Bappa Mazumder, a famous Bangladeshi singer and composer. He has worked with many prominent artists of Bangladesh which include Azam Khan, Partha Barua, Kona and Nancy. Until now more than 130 of his lyrics have turned into songs, some notable ones are – Pori (az tomar mon kharap meye), Mar ghuriye (Bengali version of the ICC World Cup 2011 theme song), Phire pete chai, Bristi pore and Tumi hobe buri. His first book ‘Az tomar mon kharap meye’ was first published in 2011 and is a unique combination of his lyrics and stories behind writing those. recently in Dhaka book fair 2020 ‘az tomar momn kharap meye’ got its 2nd edition. He gradually widened the horizon of his writing at other branches of literature and has recently published a travelogue ‘Rul tana khata’ and a journal of day-to-day urban life ‘Tukro nagorik journal’. Till date sheik rana has written eight books and all were published from renowned publisher. He has formed his own band ‘Nostalgic’ to create songs that capture the stories of urban life; the self-titled debut album was launched in 2014. and after that his solo career is going on. very recently he released his new song in youtube named’ sobai tokhon alor pothe chilo (all were in the path of light)’.   At this stage of his bohemian life, Sheik Rana is residing in Cardiff and working on his own writing and planning to create a fiction, a new travelogue and some new songs.